Social media, news outlets, and entertainers have discussed political ideas generally in a more liberal tone. When it comes to voting, this has been especially pervasive. It has made some feel that it is not worth voting unless it is for the Democrat candidate. This already proved to be untrue with the Presidential election.

When the information out there is primarily focusing on the liberal party or matters such as black lives matter, it may feel difficult to get the information needed to make an informed choice. Protests over black lives matter has made some fear finding out more about the GOP candidates since that can lead to being labeled a racist. The list goes on. It is sad that a party can make some feel they are unable to find out more about the political issues without fear of being labeled certain terms.

The bullying must stop. There is one party that has politicians whom are encouraging feelings of hatred towards half the country. Those politicians are currently Democrat for the most part. That party needs to change. Until that happens, it is important to learn more about the issues that impact you and the rest of the country. If you do, then you will see that on social, economic, and global issues, the Republican party is leading on advancing initiatives that help this country in these categories.

Social Issues

The present state of social issues in this country has turned into one of hatred. Many promote hatred towards those people that do not agree with all political views of one party. It has made women feel they cannot speak up if they are conservative and suppressed their ability to feel as though they can have the right to vote. It has turned the country into a place of labels and that is not advancing the social issues for anyone. Rather, it is making it worse. This is being promoted by one party, and primarily the politicians in that party, to get elected. However, there are politicians that want to listen and represent their constituents. They should not be ignored. They are the ones doing their job as politician rather than inciting protests.

It is hard to advance social issues without change. Encouraging protests and fighting will not advance those issues. It is harming people on both side of many issues. The GOP party is attempting to help everyone socially as well as economically.

Economic Issues

Looking at the objective facts will show the economy is doing better. However, it is not the case that everyone can see it yet. It will not be if this fighting continues. One side has advanced legislation that has promoted the growth of the economy. That can continue if this November you elect those that will focus on providing for a better economy and life for you and the rest of the country, not those that will continue to promote hate and violence.

Global Issues

This administration has made tremendous strides in global relations. It is not always covered because of protests and other issues coming up. The sad part is even those issues, as mentioned, that are dominating the narrative are not necessarily intended to help those groups they argue it is for. For example, current news on women having a voice has left many woman feeling otherwise and even more upset to hear that news. That has taken over the narrative while President Trump is focusing on the many issues occurring at the global level.

Our country needs politicians that will look out for both the people in the country, whether they agree with what they tell them to believe, but also maintains a strong position at the global level. A look at what some politicians have done to improve social, economic, and global relations will show which political party is the one that you should vote for this November.

Vote Republican this November

A look at what some politicians have done to improve social, economic, and global relations will show which political party is the one that you should vote for this November.


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